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And the prize for indiscriminate love goes to...

Over at Killin' time being lazy Lazygal points out yet another troubling aspect of our world gone mad: the proliferation of prizes, the idea that "everyone's a winner," particularly in the K-12 school environment--when of course, god knows, we and our children are so clearly surrounded by losers. It's not as if kids don't notice, too, that everyone in their school is getting an award. This liberal nonsense devalues real achievements.

It's like I was telling our mailman the other day: if you love all your customers, then it doesn't mean anything, does it? You can't trust someone who loves indiscriminately. You can trust me, readers: I dislike a lot of people.

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You definitely deserve a prize for this one, Debra! I've already got "Top Misanthrope" but you're clearly a winner yourself so we'll have to come up with a new prize, just for you. Perhaps "Caustic Wit of the Year". I like that.


Good one - and if you need a seconder for that nomination, Susan, you can count on me.


Aw, gosh, thanks folks!


Oh dear, I agree too, 100 per cent. How boring! (but true)

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