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Biography in brief

Maxine, following In Search of Adam and Deep Thinker, has issued a challenge, to write an 18-word biography, in three lines of six words. Very interesting assignment, and I could have gone a number of different ways with it. Not too hard, though, to divide my life into segments. Here's what I came up with:

Suburb imperfect--paper routes, pets, divorce--
Yields to geologist, strategoi, and Neaira.
Now mother of two, blogging books.

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I am following links of the six word biog.
This is perfect.
I am so impressed.


Thanks, Caroline! And thanks for stopping by.


Very poignant, Debra. I had a really heartwarming set of bios in my comments if you want to take a look.
I don't know why, but I find these all very moving -- what people choose to reveal about themselves when they really have to pare it down to the core.


My response seems to have been lost, which is annoying. It was rather lengthy too. Sigh. Well, anyway: I'm subscribed to that post via co.mments, so I'm up to date, I think, and I was over there earlier as well. It is a neat project to have to determine what few words most aptly define a period of one's life.

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