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Not your father's suppository

Here's something you people need to know. From The Week magazine's "It must be true...I read it in the tabloids" section:

"A Croatian woman had electricity and fire shoot from her rectum when she was struck by lightning while brushing her teeth. Natasha Timarovic says she had 'just put my mouth under the tap' when a bolt came in an open window and struck her. 'I don't remember much after that.' A doctor blamed Timarovic's choice of footwear. 'She was wearing rubber bathroom shoes, so instead of earthing through her feet, the electricity shot out of her backside.'"
Yikes. Here's another mention of the incident that adds the not unexpected detail that Natasha has a severely burned anus. Do follow the link to see the picture captioned "What Natasha Timarovic's bottom may have looked like."

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You really do need emoticons here, Debra, because words simply won't suffice. Picture me wide eyed and gasping when I read this. By the way, I looked for the link to that picture but couldn't find it. Ouch.


Click "another mention."




Oh, I see. Somewhat thick.


NOTHING you can say can make me click on that link.



Did you really not do it? You must.


I'm not clicking either. But I do note the masterly way you got the scatalogical linked in with the shoes, another highly topical (if local) issue!


I have just remembered (after pressing "post" to the above (sorry) that Spike Milligan described a practice in the army where people bent over and farted while others held a match behind the farters' bottom. The person whose flame reached the furthest was the winner.


Ah, allow me to direct your attention to this review of mine, of which I am rather fond:

Meanwhile, you people are cowards when it comes to looking at lightning-enflamed buttocks. There's nothing to be afraid of. You'll laugh.


Ok, Ok, uncle! you win, Debra.


Not what you expected, eh?


Okay, I gave in as well. Definitely not what I was expecting.

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