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The gunpowder, treason, and plot

Maxine sends along this link to a heartwarming story about bonfire night hijinks: a 22-year-old soldier was injured setting off a Black Cat Thunderbolt rocket. The injuries were to his colon. You might want to take a guess as to how precisely they were sustained to that part of his body, then click over and see if you were right.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: “It’s very sad that this person has had to learn about the dangers posed by fireworks in this way." But is it really sad? Is there anyone out there who isn't thinking that this guy is an idiot who deserved what he got? Besides, there's some natural selection going on here. I wonder if he blew his chance of passing on his stupid genes to the next generation.

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Oh, the poor kid! He was only twenty-two. Remember, a twenty-two year old male has roughly the same level of maturity as a fifteen-year old girl, or a five-year old Rebecca S. (He may not even be a total moron.)

After the stress he's been through he'll probably sire only daughters, so perhaps nature can weed out the risk-taking gene that way.


I dunno, I think you're being a little hard on the guy. He can't help being a man after all.

And it is exactly that spirit of adventure, the need to experiment, the unending desire to find a better way of doing things that drove man to land on the moon. Although I'm not quite sure why we wanted to go to the moon in the first place.


"Safety experts said yesterday that launching a rocket from the backside was a practice that contravened the firework code."



:-) "the unending desire to find a better way of doing things" -
I love that comment in this context, Bill!


Funny he should think of lunar exploration in this context, too.


"Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents".

What a cool name for an organization! Sounds like something from Monty Python. Next we will be hearing that the "Royal Society for the Putting of Things on Top of Other Things" is real!!!

"Although I'm not quite sure why we wanted to go to the moon in the first place."

It's quite obvious! We went there to find out what happens if you stick fireworks up your ass on the moon! Unfortunately they never did test that but at least one astronaut was able to test his golf swing.

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