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July 06, 2010

@TwitterLit has become @TwitrLit !!!

Earlier today I changed the name of @TwitterLitNews, the account I use to disseminate TwitterLit-related news, to @TWLitNews. I wrote an explanation for that change here. In short, while Twitter used to allow people to register userids that contained the word "Twitter" in them, that's no longer allowed. I opened my TwitterLit accounts pretty early on, back in April and May of 2007, before Twitter's policy had changed. There's never been any word from on high that I should change my userids, and presumably I could go on using them indefinitely, but for two things. (1) I can't change my profile information, because to save new data the userid associated with the account can't contain the word "Twitter." (2) There is a danger that in responding to an attack by hackers Twitter may one day reset the password to one or more of my TwitterLit accounts. This would effectively lock me out of the affected accounts. This did happen to me once on another, non-TwitterLit-related Twitter account. And it happened to an account I follow, @Twitter_Tips, which was forced as a result to change its userid to @TweetSmarter. They have a blog post here explaining what happened to them and how they responded. The point is, it's not a highly unlikely possibility. So it's had me worried, and I've decided that it's probably best to act in advance of any kind of disaster.

I've decided, therefore, to rename my three TwitterLit accounts while sticking as close to the original userids as possible.

My @KidderLit and @ScatterLit accounts are unaffected. @TwitterLitNews, as I said, has become @TWLitNews.

This shouldn't affect TwitterLit's followers to any great degree. Followers of @TwitterLit, etc., will remain followers of @TwitrLit, and may not even notice the two-letter change in userid. My TwitterLit icons will remain the same. The blog will still be located at http://www.TwitterLit.com. The RSS feed will remain unchanged. The only thing that will be affected are links out in the wild to http://www.twitter.com/TwitterLit, which unfortunately will be broken.

Hopefully there will be minimal confusion resulting from this change. Please spread the word if you can by tweeting this blog post or RTing the news when it's posted on @TwitrLit. Thanks very much.


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