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Saveguarding Zenobia/Halebiye


The city of Zenobia, said to have been founded by Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, and refortified by Justinian, is now in mortal danger from a plans for a new dam on the Euphrates River.  The French-Syrian Archaeological Mission, excavating at Zenobia/Halebiye since 2006, are circulating a petition in the hope of saving this fascinating site.  They do not aim to cancel the project (which is needed for the development of the region) but to have the dam moved so that it will not drown most of the city.  Please help by clicking here and signing the petition:

Please also forward the petition to as many interested parties as you can.  More information on the site and excavations at the Mission's webpage.

And you can read a post that I recently wrote about the city's history here: Where Did Zenobia Die?

All good wishes,

Judith Weingarten


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