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Lady linguists

I just ran across the strangest comment in How and Wells' Commentary on Herodotus (now available for the Kindle for $1.59!). At 4.114 Herodotus is writing about how these Amazon women were in relationships with Scythian men, but while the Amazons learned the language of the Scythians, the Scythian men were unable to learn to speak Amazon. Later, in section 117, Herodotus says that the Amazon women spoke Scythian but not quite correctly.

So How and/or Wells write in their commentary at 4.114:

"The greater aptness of the Amazons is a delightful touch of nature; but they were inaccurate (cr. soloikizontes chap. 117), as lady linguists often are."

So...some private joke with the lady linguist down the hall? An inter-departmental romance turned sour?


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