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Introducing Noet: Research App for the Classics


Logos Bible Software is putting together a new suite of digital texts and tools for classicists—a research application with Greek and Latin language resources that synchronizes across your mobile device and desktop computer. Its name is Noet.

Noet will be available this fall as a mobile app and web reader. In 2014, Noet will be available as a desktop application for Mac and PC and as a social platform for collaborative reading and research.

Noet ebooks differ from ebooks in other platforms (Kindle, Nook, etc.) in that they’re tagged with data. When used in the Noet platform, Noet ebooks support a host of unique features that allow for deeper textual engagement. For example, the Noet mobile app includes:

  • High-powered search tools that allow you to search your entire Noet library or an individual ebook for an English or original-language word or phrase.
  • Split-screen view that allows you to sync related texts so that they scroll together as you read them. Sync Homer’s Odyssey and a commentary, so that as you turn the page of one text, the other automatically follows. Or sync a translation of the Iliad with an original Greek edition.
  • A Look Up tool that allows you to select an original-language word and access its gloss, lemma, and morphology.
  • A Word Study tool that allows you to link from an original-language word to its entry in a lexicon.

Noet is launching with several bundles of classic texts, and then expanding into new titles and disciplines. The Classical Greek Bundle with LSJ is the flagship product for classicists which includes the Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon and the Perseus Greek Classics. With over 198,000 links to Perseus, the Noet edition of LSJ allows for instant lookup of related texts without ever having to open a print book or flip through pages in search of a citation.

Noet equips classicists with cutting-edge, time-saving tools for research in the digital age. Preview a video of the Noet mobile app and visit to learn more.


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