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Barbie, Love, and Me

I just left this as a comment over at Conversations about Famous People, but I thought I'd write it up here as well, given its inherent interest:

So there I was the other day sitting on the couch watching a Barbie dance/exercise video.... No, seriously, I was. I mean, my three-year-old was watching it, but I couldn't look away. Because this was supposed to be a beginner video--it's a Barbie product, for Christ's sake--and yet these people on the tape were (a) performing very complicated moves, right off the bat, such that even a coordinated person would have trouble following after repeated attempts; and they were (b) exercising at a very high level of intensity, even during their allegedly relaxed periods. So I sat unmoving on the couch, transfixed by the talents of the class leader on the tape (a personal friend of Barbie's, evidently) and her dancing female minions.

As it happened, one of the minions was clearly superior to the others, and she got a lot of camera time in consequence. And she looked vaguely familiar. When the credits rolled I learned that it was, of course, "Love Hewitt"--no "Jennifer." Fans of hers surely know of this part of her past, but it left me flummoxed. And wondering what else I've been missing in my kids' video collection.

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