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QuickEdit link in TypePad

Update 10/30/08: With their recent changes TypePad has also changed the link used to access your edit page. I've made the necessary changes to the code in the post below.

I've been annoyed with the lack of a quick edit button in TypePad, so I figured out a way to add a link to my post footer that would take me straight to the editing page for that post. After following the directions in the TypePad Knowledge Base for editing the MTEntryPostFooter tag in Advanced Templates, I added this to the footer:

<a href=" edit_entry&id=<$MTEntryID$>&blog_id=YOURNUMBERHERE ">Edit</a>

<a href="

Just (1) replace "YOURNUMBERHERE" with your blog ID number, which you'll easily find in the navigation bar whenever you edit one of your posts (between /blogs/ and /post/), and (2) close up the space between mode= and edit /post/ and <$MTEntryXID$>, which I added so the code would show up properly in this post. This adds a link that is visible to blog readers, but they won't be able to edit your posts themselves, of course, because they don't have access to your account. I made these changes on both my main index template and my individual entry template.

Added: This idea was included as a hack by John Unger over at TypePad Hacks. He makes the great suggestion of replacing the text link with an image, which I've done on my own blogs (that little pencil in the footer).

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Awesome tip Debra! I'm going to use this on all my blogs.

Couple of things, I notice that you do need to logged in to your TypePad account for it work, which is no problem, because I'm never logged out :)

...and I've added target="_blank" to your example so it opens the edit page in a new window.

Tip tip! I've made sure my readers now about it


Thanks, Fox! I'm glad you like it. I tell you, it's saved me loads of time. Every longish post I wrote tends to have at least one problem that needs correcting. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog, too!

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