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You got something to say?

Okay, Maxine's comments in the tagboard this morning and John Unger's post at TypePad Hacks led me to look again at coComment. I have been using to track comments I leave at other sites, but it works imperfectly on my browser (at least). Looks like coComment is the superior product for now. So, I'm experimenting with something. I added a little box in the right sidebar above the normal list of comments. The new box will track the top ten commenters at the deblog starting...NOW! Well, that's what it's supposed to do, at least, with no work required from the commenters. We'll see if it works.

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Hi, Debra! I just commented over at Maxine's blog that I'm always so impressed by the exchanges between you and Maxine. Granny Dullard can't keep up with you two! This comment tracker is designed to keep you posted about an ongoing conversational thread? I can't imagine how it could possibly work, but it seems quite intriguing. I thought the e-mail notifications were about the best one could hope for...


Oh, stop with this Granny Dullard nonsense!

Give the comments thing a try. I'm preferring, but you can also try co.mments. It tracks them on a web site, so your conversations are all in one place.


So far the little commenter box doesn't seem to be working.


I've been watching it...the commenter box...maybe it takes a while to click in (perhaps a minimum number of comments or the like). As for Granny Dullard - I EMBRACE my inner dullard (takes a lot of the strain out of living).


By the way, Debra, is coComments another one of those things you need a degree in engineering to install? i.e., is Granny up to it?


No, you don't have to install anything. Just go to the site and register and follow their directions for tracking conversations. Well, you may have to drag a little bookmark to your browser's toolbar, but go and see what the sites have to say before you worry about it.

I don't think the comment box is working. I think it's not installed (by me!) properly.


Hey, Susan! Your name showed up in the top commenters box. Now, what I'd like to know is, did you sign in to coComment perchance or was this done wholly in the background?


I think it happened when I signed up. Click on my name and you see the 'conversations' I've got running...I'm not sure it's a good thing...


Ah, then it sounds like it's only listing coCommenters, which isn't ideal. I'll probably wind up removing it. A more sophisticated installation was eluding me.

coComment is neat, though, no?


is this practice accepted? does it update you with an email?


I stopped using these a long time ago, but I don't remember why. Check out

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