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Daily Puzzles: August 17

Here are my results for the various daily puzzles. Feel free to post your results in the comments section! (Other puzzle links in sidebar.)

SECRET WORD: 5 guesses.
SCRAMBLED WORD: 13 clicks (avg.: 18.5 clicks).

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Secret word: BURNISHED
Scrambled word: FAKIR


A most unpleasant Set today - 2 minutes, 53 seconds
The Secret word took 3 guesses
The Scrambled word, 13 clicks


One would surely have to consult with Douglas, but I don't think it was very long ago when you would not have characterized a time of 2:53 as "a most unpleasant Set." How we improve....


What, no more quick comment box? I'm not sure how I will go on, but I will manage somehow...
I really did like it alot, but I understand about it taking up room too.

On to my scores.
Set Puzzle: 2:56 Almost tied with Susan today!
Secret Word: 4 Guesses
Scrambled Word: 19 Clicks


I've destroyed Kimmy's happiness! Well, I have an idea I'm going to look into today: pop-up comments. But I'm not sure it's possible. Thinking about it last night kept me from getting as much sleep as I would have liked.


Well, I haven't yet figured out how one might make a pop-up comment box, if it's possible. I've asked TypePad help for pointers. Meanwhile, Susan, if you're there: I did ask about allowing visitors to delete/edit their own comments, but unfortunately it's not possible.


I'm sorry you lost sleep over it. Don't worry too much about my happiness, I bounce back quickly:-)


Well, I still like the idea of being able to comment more quickly than the current system allows. But I don't know whether it will be possible via a new window, opened by javascript. That would be nice.

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