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Tim Spalding's LibraryThing just keeps getting better. If you're not familiar with it, it's this really spiffy web application that allows you to catalogue your books, tag them (oh so easily), review them, sniff around other people's libraries and see who's got the same books you've got. Anyway, LibraryThing is elegant, it's clean, and if it's not unhealthy of me to say this of a book cataloguing web tool, well, it's sexy. It just works. Anyway, I've added a new little LT widget to the bottom of my right sidebar for those of you who--you know who you are--want to search through the books sitting here in my study. I actually haven't yet (as I explain in my LT profile) input all of my books, and I probably won't, but all of the TBRs are there, for example. Have a look around!

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When seeing who else shares books you have, are you limited to friends you've managed to convince to join, or just random people on the internet? If random people on the internet, are you then supposed to start pestering them to be your friend and chat about books?


I don't know. I don't really use LT for its social features.

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