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Those prescient signmakers

Maxine has posted a perfectly wonderful urine-related post! Dedicated to me! Thanks, Maxine.

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Heh heh as you would say (with no exclamation mark or smiley face). I have also mentioned you again on Petrona, just now in my latest post, but you will have to go over to read it to find out how (evil plan to increase my traffic).
Off to bed now, good night till tomorrow.


Ha! I see what it is.... But I wonder whom *I'll* possibly be able to tag.


Do you find it unnerving that all the urine posts are dedicated to you, Debra? Snails for Clare, urine for Debra. At least Clare could have a delightful little logo made up, or perhaps a pendant to wear around her neck... What are you gonna' do?!


Susan, you've made me laugh. Not unnerving, but it is funny. Now, as for urine-related insignia.... We ought set the blog visitors on figuring this one out!

I did just have a great image, though: one of those wonderful black-and-white tiled floors (crossword theme) marred by--glimmering in the light--a pool of, well, modesty forbids me to continue.

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