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So, why are these of interest to deblog readers?

Check it out. I experimented with a new Amazon Associates feature by creating a deblog-centric Amazon store. You'll see what I mean when you go there.


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It's great Debra! You know, I'm not your only Canadian reader... When you had the flag i.d. thingie up I noticed three or four other Canadian flags online at the same time as me. Is there any way you could do a deblog-centric-Amazon-dot-ca page? The problem for Canucks ordering from the U.S. is that we've got a currency exchange to deal with, extra shipping costs and then our government soaks us with tax on the goods, tax on the exchange, tax on the shipping and an extra fee ($5) just to process the taxes.


Fast enough for you?


Excellent Debra! From now on I'll do all my ordering through there.


I gurgle with gratitude, Susan!

I wonder if I should do the same for the UK.....


I just went and cancelled my existing Amazon order. It was going to be too pokey anyway. So I went in through your blog, re-ordered three of the five from my cancelled order and they're now due October 3. I'll go back and order the other two in a couple of minutes. I think I'll add the other Clare book too.

I think you should add the UK Amazon too. If I lived in the UK I'd certainly enter Amazon through your site - Why not benefit a friend?


I just put in my second order through your link. I'm really pleased with the links too! I hadn't realized that Bryan Appleyard has a book coming out. And I was reminded of that adorable cuddletoy Ian! Ordered his book too.


Ah, you are wonderful to me. I think I may as well do the UK one. I even already have an account there.

Ian, are you blushing yet? By the way, he's got the first chapter of his manuscript up over at his site. I read it this morning. Take a look.


And done. Hey, Susan: let me know if the left sidebar is any way messed up by the addition of those UK and CA aStore links. Looks fine here but that's never certain.

Off to bed! Thanks again.


I have an astore also. It is very cool. My only complaint is that you can only have 9 featured items but I figured out a way around that.


The left sidebar looks great, Debra. The little flags add a nice touch of color/colour too.


So the question on everyone's mind is... how do you accept payment from


By check. Or perhaps cheque. Theoretically, of course, assuming one makes any money. Where's your aStore, Tom? I don't see a link to it at Random Thinking.

Thanks for the report, Susan! At least I got little flags on my blog *some*how.


I don't have the link on my blog... perhaps I should add it. The link is on the forum at It's among the group of icons in the upper right hand corner.


Hey, Debra - Did you notice in Tom's first comment.."I figured out a way around it.." ? That might be worth exploring.


Yes, I'm curious about what he did, but I don't know where his store is.

On the other hand, I don't really want to spend much time on these. I just wanted to showcase some of the deblog gang's books.


Herei s the actual link:


Hey, thanks for including me. I see, so you did the embedding option. And I'd been wondering where you put your calendar links.

Of course, it's always been possible to make such a store front oneself. Without the widgets, of course. But it's handy.


The storefront isn't the big deal, because as you said we could always create one of those. It is the shopping cart integrated into your own site. That is really cool.


Ha, I was just going to order a few books from but I'll go through this instead now. Thanks for including my two books, Debra - it was great to see them there.


Gosh, thanks, Clare.

You have so many different covers 98 Reasons I wasn't sure which one to put up there. Is that the right one for the UK?


I'd love to have an Amazon store. Or would that be in competition with you, Debra, in which case I'd better not.
How do you become an "amazon associate"? I have sold items on Amazon but I don't think I am one (an aa) I am just another kind of AA (AmazonAholic).
Do you think you can set up one of these shops on or does it have to be via .com? (I have accounts at both but I don't usually use the .com as the postage rates are so high and it takes ages for items to arrive. But I tend to log books on the .com site that I've read about on blogs but which haven't yet appeared on the site.)


No, no, you should do it--if you want--it's very easy. You'll have one up and running in half an hour. Try this link:

I'm not sure what all those numbers are, and you may not need them. But just join as an associate and you'll eventually get to a place where "build links" and "aStore" are both possibilities. It's super easy. You can either link to a separate page as I did or, like Tom, you have the option of embedding it on part of your site. And you get to choose nine items to feature. Really, very very easy.


Thanks, Debra. I've had a go, more for interest than anything else. I created a store but haven't been very successful at putting it on Petrona -- have got a link, though.
however, the items in the store don't seem to be editable, so I presume you have to start a new store each time you want to update the items in it?
Also I put a general descriptoin of my store into what turned out to be the description for one item, and can't seem to change that. Oh well, never mind. I won't make any money out of it and am not going to even try to, but it was nice to make the store!


No, you can definitely edit, both the items and the descriptions. I can't give exact details but I know in my US one that when I was working on it if I clicked on the book cover of one of my items it opened up an area below in which I could add description or delete it.


Ok, thanks -- these things just sap up the time don't they? I don't mean "sap up the time" there is no such expression, sorry. I mean they are a time-sink. They are quite fun but then when I realise I've spent 3 hours fiddling about with one tiny thing, I realise I could have read a whole book! But thanks, as it is almost the weekend I will give it a go.


That's for sure. Sometimes I'll be sitting here of an evening, oh, say, toying with the margins around a 26x13 pixel British flag, changing it and reloading the page time after time after time and wondering WHY WHY WHY it's loading with a good extra 20 pixels to the left no matter what I do. And it's getting past bedtime and the girls are upstairs and I'm sitting here doing this, knowing that I'm the only person in the world who will care and probably the only person in the world who will even notice.... But I stay and fiddle until I figure it out and I'm happy to have figured it out but part of me hates myself for doing this. (The answer: the Canadian flag on top was, even though it didn't look like it, taking up enough room to push the UK flag over; putting the Canadian flag and accompanying text in a table was the answer. Tables are so often the answer.)

This is surely greatest number of comments I've ever gotten on a single post.


yep, you have sure tapped into some niche fellow-enthusiasts. I really identify with the story of the flag -- I'm just like that too.

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