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Just sit right back and you'll read a blog....

Here's an interesting article on the demise of TV theme songs, brought to my attention by my friend Blogless Michael. (See, the people I know in the real world mostly don't have blogs. Some of them don't even read my blog. Most of them, actually, I think. It's very sad.) Which leads me to note that Bookins, my favorite book-trading site, now has its own theme song. I'm not sure how to link to it directly, but if you go to the main address you'll find a "Play Our Song" link at the bottom of the page.

I think maybe the deblog needs a theme song.

Hmmm.... No, the lyrics I came up with are too hideous to post.

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But surely, if you had a theme, it would combine the elements of the best classic themes/openings:

1. A narrative/ballad explaining how you reached your current status quo.
2. An animated version of you with an expectionally large head.
3. The critical "And So-and-so as Somebody" to end the cast listing


Oh, Bzzzz-Cluck has some excellent suggestions! I love the idea of your exceptionally large head. We really do need a theme song, Debra. Come on. Maybe you could do a take-off on a take-off..."White and Nerdy" by Weird Al YanKovich might be a good starting point.


"Delightful cross-pollinators" they are called (blogless people).

As you know I don't watch TV, but I like some theme tunes, the good ones seem to crop up on various CD collections we have ("we" being the aged parents of our household, too decrepit to cope with the MP3 revolution). Dr Who is iconic. Geoffrey Burgeon, Barrington Phelung are two composers who spring to mind as writing excellent music for TV programmes. Ennio Morricone is much "nicked" in this regard. Some of these collections are quite good when you are doing the ironing. My current favourite is the theme music to "The Blue Planet", which I am told is a wonderful wildlife programme. Great music, too. (Can't remember who wrote it, sorry).


Has anyone actually *seen* Dave Lull, Maxine? He may just be a computer program.

Hey, Bzzzzz. Good ideas. Alternatively, I could eschew the light-hearted romp thing and become a Quinn Martin production.

I love Barrington Phelung! I have his Morse discs. Not that I listen to music pretty much ever anymore.

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