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Online Book Fair!

You will perhaps have noticed the addition of a banner at the top of the front page here. It links to an online book fair hosted by FSB Associates that's being held at from October 3rd-5th. I'm going to be one of some 18 litbloggers who will be taking part in the fair as guest bloggers. (I'm due to blog my bit on Wednesday, the 4th. Others taking part include Elegant Variation, Beatrice, Literary Saloon, and BookBitch.) But apart from the guest bloggings there's going to be a lot happening at the fair--much of it involving prizes in book form! But some of it will involve prizes in the form of gift cards and leather briefcases. Hourly book raffles! A book cover contest. Book clubs can win a batch of books and an hour on the phone with an author. Three people will win a dozen books each. There are also audio and video interviews with some of FSB's authors--Alan Alda, Jeffrey Archer, Jed Rubenfeld, etc. So, stay tuned for my book fair blog post over at, which will appear on Wednesday. And check out the book fair starting bright and early Tuesday morning!

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When I saw the banner I went over there to check it out and it looks great. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


My pleasure! Now I just have to think of something to write for my guest blog post....


They are giving away Jeffrey Archer's book this hour. I doubt that I am worthy to read it though.


I posted about this on Petrona earlier, Debra, and linked to you, though I still can't get this trackback thingy activated, sorry.


Thanks, Maxine!

There's a trackback thing here:

Though the one time I tried to use it it didn't work, so I don't know how well it works normally.... Okay, I just experimented by pinging your site! My post should show up as trackback over there.


Yep, the trackback worked, thanks Debra. (Now I have to work out how to do it from my end!)
I manage a blog at work by the way, and the amout of spam that builds up in the trackback over time is truly dreadful. When they turn the spam filter up, it means real comments gat caught in the junk. So watch out.


I have my trackback set so that it has to be approved. Mostly it's spam, which is why I so set it, which also means that I can just ignore everything that comes in usually.

Jeffrey Archer: yeah, I didn't like that book much. And actually, Tom, you would hate it because of its cavalier treatment of 9/11--which was my biggest problem with it.

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