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The BecViews Poetry Challenge

And now, what you've all been waiting for: Rebecca has posted the winners of her poetry contest over at BecViews. The challenge was to write a ten-word poem in any one of a number of possible categories. And there were six entrants: Bryan Appleyard, Blogless Eric (Master of Manitowoc and Points West), Susan, Me, Maxine, and Tom.

Judging was blind, which is to say that Rebecca did not see the names of the entrants, and, it turns out, there was a tie for her favorite. Congratulations to the joint winners Bryan Appleyard and Susan Barr! Here are their entries.

Bryan Appleyard:

Time devours.
Yet, on our roof,
Pigeons strut
And warble.
Susan Barr:
Eden's gate slammed cruelly shut,
"Free at last!" cried Eve.
Rebecca didn't assign any relative status to the other entries, except that she hated mine. It was far and away her least favorite. So, if you want to read my horrible, horrible entry, and those of the other losers, click on over to the comments section of her challenge.

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Well done, Susan! I hope Bryan doesn't mind, but I thought Susan's was the best. (I think Rebecca would have spotted who the author was of your entry, Debra.)


I think you're right, Maxine. I never stood a chance.


Thank you very much Rebecca ! :-) And thank you, Maxine!

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