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A cleaner study

Here's Meli in my cleaner-than-usual study. Of note: all the books that you can see on the left side of the picture are to-be-read, including that stack that reaches to the top of the frame. On the far right of the picture you'll see a bookcase with all the books moved to the bottom two shelves. I just did this today to make room for files that I'm planning to house on the top two shelves. I've decided to attempt to implement the Noguchi filing system, as I understand it, on the household files--receipts, warranties, bills. This organizational tsunami is the sort of thing that excites me something fierce.

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Now, for my taste this is just a perfect post! I love the wee girl in the picture; I love the details from your environment; the promise of details about an interesting cataloguing system - great stuff!

Incidentally - I think I've mentioned this before - being an OC type, I have some fairly remarkable systems in place myself. I could teach a course in nitpicking actually. I'm hoping that your Noguchi system has something new. If so I will of course add it to my own.


By the way, one problem I foresee...unless you're a lot taller than I am (I'm 5'6"), the shelves you're earmarking for files are too high for ease of use. Don't forget, they're going to hold all the minutiae of life and it's easier to look down than to look up when you're sorting through.


oooh, someone whose TBR pile is of similar proportions to mine! I should tidy up, really -- my TBR books are all over the place - on numerous different shelves in different rooms, in the cupboard, under the bed, in my Amazon basket, in the attic....

Totally agree on Melissa -- she is adorable! When is she starting a blog?


First, regarding your first note: I want to know what sort of systems you have in place. Do tell. I love this stuff.

Second: when I read your second comment my initial, second-long reaction was that it was odd that you don't now how tall I am. Then, Oh yeah, I said to myself, of course she doesn't. Weird.

But I've got a few inches on you: 5'9 1/2". But the bookcase isn't that tall, really. Probably about your height, in fact!


PS Susan, I'm 5'9"". I feel a post coming on....must hop back to Petrona forthwith....


I feel a few posts coming on myself. I wish they didn't take so long to create, what with adding links and tags and such. Again, maybe my new gadgets will speed up the process.


Maxine, I wouldn't be at all surprised should Mel start blogging. Basically, more so than Rebecca, she seems to be a copy of me--personality quirks, behavior, shyness. She is, by the way, very tall, in the 90-95th percentile. She's also a very sweet little girl.

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