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Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge: December 23

Update: Note that I've begun keeping track of winners in the (individual) weekly challenge on my Set score page.

Update 2: And if there are no further last-minute entries, Maxine wins it! For the second week in a row! But can she pull it off a third time?

It's Saturday, which means it's time for the deblog's Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge! Anyone who cares to participate may do so as follows:

1. Play the theoretically simple yet maddeningly difficult Set Puzzle.
2. Post your time in the comments to this post.
3. The winner for the week gets to hoist the much-coveted winner's badge. This should be posted in a blog post rather than on your sidebar, say, because, after all, your time to bask in the glory of the win is likely to be ephemeral.

How to post the badge? Some possibilities:

1. Download the badge to your own space and link thereto.
2. Include this code in your post:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

3. Alternatively, you're not obliged to post it. This is all in fun, after all.

This week's scores:
Debra -- 1:59
Jason -- 1:06
Maxine -- 1:03 current high score!
Kimmy -- 1:07
Tom -- 2:31

View a list of winners of the Weekly Set Puzzle Challenge and my own Set score history here.

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1:07 for me.


after a long absence, I return to say...what happened to Mr. Bebop? Is that SET duel over?



There was apparently dwindling interest on his side. We decided a few weeks ago that it would be best to move it to an individual contest. This makes more sense, anyway, because one could never be sure of having roughly equal numbers of participants on either side. Plus there's the lure of individual acclaim now.



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