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We've all got one: a crazy aunt that dresses her cats up in tutus, a serial-killer cousin we pretend we're not related to. ScatterLit is TwitrLit's embarrassing relative. TwitrLit serves up the first lines of books twice daily. But at ScatterLit I post sentences culled from anywhere in the world's greatest literature--not just their first lines. Thing is, all the lines posted will have something to do with bathrooms or the activities most usually associated with them. Why? God knows, dear reader. But I bet you'll enjoy reading them as much as I'll enjoy finding them. One post per evening. Subscribe by RSS, Twitter, or on Facebook. You know you want to.

Note: Much as I love ScatterLit, I've stopped updating it as of 8-31-2014. The site will remain up indefinitely, however, and you are welcome to browse around as much as you like.

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    "The manager of one of the latrine offices in Soweto was one example."
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    "Tanning is a disgusting business involving human urine and much scraping of dead flesh."
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    "The stall was high enough for the seven of them to squeeze inside."
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